21 juin 2011

Bathroom romance


I am not asking you, my dear reader, whether you have ever made love in a bathroom – it is quite possible that you have. I ask whether you have ever made a pass on a girl in a bathroom. (Or whether anyone has made a pass on you?)

I am quite fond of the bathroom in our lab – it is nice and clean, and unisex...

As you enter, there are immediately two cabins on the right. The bigger one is usually used by women, whereas the next one is customarily taken by men. Then there are two urinals on the right for those men who don’t mind women washing their hands in the sink on the left. There is a big window in the wall between the urinals and the sink, from which you can see the tram station and the roofs of the nearby buildings (we are at the fifth floor.)

As always, I chose to use the small cabin, where I respectfully tried to detune myself from the noises, created by other visitors. When I exited I saw a girl in a gray shirt and gray laggings washing her hands. I was somewhat surprised by the fact that she did not use the sink in the female cabin, and that she pretended not to pay attention to me as a walked behind her back towards the window and waited.

Although I did not see her face, I recognized the girl. In fact, I still don’t quite remember her face, but I remembered her from one of my first days in the lab, when she passed by my office in a red dress. No man forgets a girl in a red dress. Naturally, the very same day I tried to take a better look at her and the most memorable feature turned out to be that her legs are somewhat thick in proportion to the rest of the body. Still, I would call her very pretty.

Thus, it was by her legs and the shape of her back that I recognized her now. I sighed at the sight of the young woman bending over a sink in front of me… and said the only thing that a gentleman could say in such a situation:

-        Bonjour!

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