07 juillet 2011

Medical examination


Every foreigner planning to spend extended time in France (i.e. more than the three months allowed to a tourist) has to undergo a medical examination.

I felt very apprehensive about it – perhaps due to the tedious and rather invasive medical examinations that I had to undergo in the past in Russia, most of which had something to do with potential military service. But it turned out to be very easy and quick, which is not very surprising, given that most of it was performed on the basis of my verbal statements.

They did however make me undergo X-ray (no unpleasant surprises there) and measured my height and weight. The latter procedure resulted in a rather obvious statement that I have some extra weight (178/88), so I had to give away a drop of my blood to alleviate the concerns that I may have diabetes.

The diabetes test was preceded by a discussion of what I had eaten for lunch and how much sugar I put in the coffee. Incidentally, while I waited for the appointment, I discovered a very nice coffee shop, where I had a cup of rather good coffee, which came with a piece of sugar. I tried to explain that this was an exception, before I realized that what mattered was how much sugar could be in my blood right now, not in general. Glad that we did not dwell deeper into the subject - this might have led to the unpleasant discussion of the amount of chocolate which I consume to compensate for the absence of sugar in my coffee and tea.

Perhaps, the most important consequence is that my last name was consistently misspelled on all the medical papers, and in a very ridiculous way. Although a correction was made and certified by a proper stamp, I foresee that this typo will haunt me during the rest of my stay in France.

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