10 juillet 2011

Bordeaux curiousities



French people kiss each other’s in cheeks when they meet. Depending on the region of France the number of kisses can be from one to four – underkissing or overkissing may lead to “l’embarrass social”. In Bordeaux the appropriate number of kisses is two.

What is more surprising is that men also kiss each other. Previously I only heard about this, but today I saw it with my own eyes. And “no” – the two guys did not look homosexual… they even were with their girlfriends.


Pink ribbons

Same evening I met a “girl’s night out” party. The bride wore a crown, and all the girls had pink ribbons in their hair – tied the same way as they tie  ribbons to little schoolgirls. Given that all of them looked baby-plump, they indeed gave impression of a group of oversized kids.


Ecole des Garcons

I was quite amused when saw a girl locking from the inside the iron gate of the building with a huge sign “Ecole des Garcons” (Boys school). Perhaps, the old school building has been converted to apartments.

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