28 juin 2011

Comprendre trop peu ... trop comprendre

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25 juin 2011

L'héritière et moi

  I looked in the direction of the music and saw a girl in a fancy convertible. She didn’t look like any rich woman that I had seen before: she was too young to be a business lady, who was earning enough money to have such a car. Neither did she have the arrogant “I won the life lottery” look of a wife of a rich husband. She could be a daughter of a rich man, partying on her father’s money… but then the music would be characteristic “Boom-Boom-Boom”, whereas what attracted my attention was a piece of opera, which I loosely... [Lire la suite]
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24 juin 2011

Vous voulez cette place?

  - Vous voulez cette place? - Non… - I am unable to hide my astonishment that the girl offered me her seat. All right, she looks like a sweet teenager who was taught to give place to elderly. But even though I am probably twice as old as she is, I definitely do not look old – “a man in his prime” would be a better way to describe me. Since a teenager is no good even as a hypothetic romantic object, my look quickly wanders away from the girl and I consider various reasons for her offering me the place. She might have offered... [Lire la suite]
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23 juin 2011

Pourquoi n'as-tu pas m'appellé?

  I am waiting on the platform and looking at the people inside the tram, that is about to depart in the other direction. Suddenly, a pretty girl, dressed in a “going out to have fun” outfit separates from her group and starts urgently knocking on the window, apparently trying to attract attention of someone on my side of the platform. At first, I think that she merely noticed a friend of hers. But when one of the guys standing nearby notices her, I realize, from the deepening blush on her face and from how frantically she... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2011

Fête de la musique

  Music festival, that took place yesterday, perhaps deserved mentioning, but due to my weak interest to this kind of things I postponed this till today. (There was time when I loved street parties – but then I was much younger.) According to my friends, all who can play music were expected to be in the city streets playing and singing. The reality was somewhat different - I walked to the center of the city and back (the trams were not running) and have seen only one place where people actually played guitar and sang. But... [Lire la suite]
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21 juin 2011

Bathroom romance

  I am not asking you, my dear reader, whether you have ever made love in a bathroom – it is quite possible that you have. I ask whether you have ever made a pass on a girl in a bathroom. (Or whether anyone has made a pass on you?) I am quite fond of the bathroom in our lab – it is nice and clean, and unisex... As you enter, there are immediately two cabins on the right. The bigger one is usually used by women, whereas the next one is customarily taken by men. Then there are two urinals on the right for those men who don’t... [Lire la suite]
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21 juin 2011

Lust and Darkness

  The girl has a dark skin – this is not her natural color, but rather a very uniform tan. She does not look French – more Spanish and she is not in a mood to meet with strangers. Even though she is sitting, it is obvious that she is tall. She wears jean shorts and exhibits her long legs right in front of me. Although the dark colors of her clothing match her skin and dark hair, the blackness of her crude-looking shoes is unnecessary. From time to time she plays with one shoe, taking her heel out of it and swinging the shoe on... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2011

Huge bookestore

Mollat occupies a whole block. It might take one day the place in my heart that up to now has belonged to the Barnes&Noble in the Union Square.
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19 juin 2011

Palais de Justice de Bordeaux

  According to Wikipedia: The extension of the courthouse was completed in 1998 by the architectural firm of Richard Rogers at the same time as the Papon trial. Its architecture symbolizes the open court, wine tanks or bottles of wine and cones in keeping with the castle of Ha and the nearby St. Andrew's Cathedral. Unfortunately, in my opinion the building looks quite ugly – it reminds me of gas chambers… although, taking account for the French heritage, these are more likely chambers housing the guillotines.
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19 juin 2011


  Crowded tram on Sunday. A blue-eyed blond girl is playing with a thin pink scarf. She wraps it around her head and puts it over her face, leaving only her eyes – as if she is wearing hijab. Her father, sitting on the opposite seat, waves to her: “can you see me?” Both laugh. Next to them, on the other side of the tram, there are sitting a black couple with their children. Despite the heat, all of them are dressed in formal black, the man is even wearing a sweater behind his dress jacket. Perhaps, they are returning from... [Lire la suite]
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